​​​Virtual Office Dynamics

ERP is an enterprise re-engineering solution that uses new business computing paradigms to integrate IT processes across company divisions and departments. LBIS has developed a web based ERP (HR, Payroll, Fixed Asset etc) solution namely Virtual Office Dynamic (VOD) which is currently running in LankaBangla Finance Limited, LankaBangla Securities Limited, LankaBangla Investment Limited and LankaBangla Asset Management Company Limited.

Market Data Service

This is a FIX protocol based server side engine. This disseminates DSE market data to subscribed FIX client and client can feed it to its simulation engine to demonstrate the market. This is a new concept and LBIS is the first to implement it in Bangladesh. So we can act like pioneer in this arena. This is a complete solution and it is delivered to Vienna Stock Exchange to meet the requirement of Swiss Pro Invest.