As a Premium client, you will enjoy a suite of exclusive equity investment privileges and services not available elsewhere. With LBSL premium account an investor will always remain on top of his investments.

Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive and Updated Research Reports: We have blended international expertise with local knowledge. You have access to the LBSL recommended stock picks based on comprehensive research and updated reports.
  • Daily market updates
  • In-depth company reports
  • Up-to-date market strategy pieces
  • Timely technical analysis and market trend reports
  • Risk analytics: We always encourage our clients to seriously mitigate the risk of capital erosion or downside risk and to consider the return is the logical consequences. In LBSL premium you have the access to LBSL experts' knowledge about company specific and market risk. Most of the investors are badly influenced by the behavioral biases such conservatism, anchoring, availability or illusion of control which not only limit the return of investment, but also pose significant risk to the portfolio composition. LBSL's diagnosis test for behavioral biases will exclusively help the Premium clients to modify or correct different biases.
  • Discounted commission: Premium account holders will enjoy discounted commission fee on trade.
  • Comprehensive Transaction Reports: Track the financials and portfolio efficiently through various reports like Ledger Statements, Account Summary, Net Portfolio Report and Daily Transaction Report etc.
  • Ease of Trading: With Premium account one has the flexibility to place the orders either by logging on the website or calling at the branch or walking in the branch.
  • Dedicated Service Branch and Relationship Manager: One can get in touch with his Relationship Manager and Service Branch for all his trading related requirements.
  • Online Payment Gateways: Through BEFTN (Bangladesh Electronic Fund Transfer Network), you can instantly transfer and withdraw fund.
  • Margin Loan: Though the downside risk is there, leverage is the proven way to multiply your portfolio. LBSL will provide 50% margin loan to premium account client.

Other value added services

  • Email Alert: You will get instant email notification for stocks you pick.
  • Market Pulse: Exclusive access to Market Pulse, the most preferred and enriched business publications of Bangladesh.
  • LBSL Research Report: You can get access to thousands of Research Reports published by LankaBangla Capital Market Research Team. Here you can get Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Sector and Macroeconomic reports which provide expert insights and ideas on Bangladesh stock market and macroeconomic environment.
  • Money Market: Investors can follow the money market and keep track of updated information by using LankaBangla Financial portal.
  • Economic Indicators: Economic Indicators incorporate all the major indicators in one place which saves investors time and valuable effort.
  • Newsletter: We provide day end market updates to you through our Newsletter.
  • Watch List: To help investors successfully track down their preferred stock in the market, we provide this watch list option. It allows investors to keep real time track of their favorite list of chosen stocks. Any updates of the listed stock will send mail notification to the investor.
  • LBSL Client Login: This is the latest addition of LankaBangla financial portal where clients can visit their investment account details and take decision.
  • Market Map: This tool shows the composition top 150 stocks of a day's trade with their area owned by each stock. The parameters used for changing in the area composition of each stock depending on volume, turnover, and trades.
  • Market Cap: Market cap provides visual composition of a company's assets classes within a single platform.
  • Real Time Market Watch: Incorporate all the stocks with their current prices and change direction (up, down and unchanged).
  • Regulatory Updates: All the latest updates released by BSEC and BB are available under Regulatory Updates section.
  • Corporate Events Calendar: The Corporate Events Calendar will allow you to see past events and prepare yourself for the announced upcoming events. The events have been color coded on the calendar view so that different events have different colors to make it visually more differentiable. The event days are highlighted on the calendar view. When the cursor is taken on a particular highlighted day, a label will appear naming the occasion. The calendar is designed such that it categorizes the events and presents them in a user friendly format, so that they could be accessed anytime and anywhere.
  • Advanced Chart: LankaBangla has the best html5 based technical chart on Portal, which incorporates all the basic and advanced indicators for technical analysis.
  • Market Depth: Market depth shows the bid and ask price of each stock along with volume.
  • OMS Features: Use our exclusive Order Management System for trading at the both exchanges from a single terminal. You will get access to a thick client application with advance analytical tools and content. Also browser based thin client web interface application is there. By using our DirectFN Touch and DirecFN Mobile you can trade from iPad, iPhone, Windows Mobile & Android.

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